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Double CD:
Side by Side


"Coming Home" 

album cover

  • Disc 1
    1. Well, Well, Well
    2. Field Behind the Plow
    3. For Bobbi (Baby)
    4. I Want to Learn a Love Song
    5. Eclipse
    6. She Love You
    7. West Virginia Friend
    8. Leaving on a Jet Plane
    9. Cactus Tree
    10. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
    11. Good Lovin' Man
    12. Coming Home
    13. Dreamland Medley
  • Disc 2
    1. Calypso
    2. Nobody's Fat in Aspen
    3. Red Rubber Ball
    4. Going Gone
    5. Bye Bye Love
    6. Come on Home and Opposite Tables
    7. ESPN
    8. Reason For It All
    9. There's a Song I'd Like to Sing
    10. If I Had a Hammer
    11. Last Thing on My Mind









“Chad Mitchell Trio
Farewell Concert”

(Side by Side set only)
--No longer available--
Full concert 2-DVD set
available HERE.


  1. She Loves You
  2. Dreamland Medley
  3. Leavin' On a Jet Plane
  4. Catch the Wind
  5. Aragon Mill
  6. Runaway
  7. Ready for the Storm









“Frozen in Time”

  1. Intro: Lee Michael Demsey
  2. Rollin' Home
  3. Fly Away
  4. Leviathan
  5. So It Goes
  6. Catch the Wind
  7. White Squall
  8. Stranger In Paradise
  9. Darcy Farrow
  10. You Aint't Goin' Nowhere
  11. Circle Game
  12. Cindy's Cryin'
  13. Love Will
  14. Love Is Our Cross To Bear
  15. Never Ending Song of Love
  16. Hay Una Mujer
  17. ESPN
  18. Intro: Dick Cerri





“One for the Road”

  1. Ginny the Flying Girl
  2. Drink A Round to ireland
  3. Violets of Dawn
  4. That's The Way It's Gonna Be
  5. Runaway
  6. Till You Opened My Eyes
  7. River
  8. When the Party's Over
  9. Sailor's Prayer
  10. Circle
  11. One for the Road
  12. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  13. The Garden Song
  14. The Water Is Wide
  15. The Erlking
  16. Swans Against the Sun
  17. Dreamland Express
  18. San Francisco Bay blues








“Friends with You”

  1. Tradewinds (Denver)

  2. Trail of Tears (Handley)

  3. Aragon Mill (Kahn

  4. Pie Jesu (Webber)

  5. Thirsty Boots (Andersen)

  6. Good Lovin' Man (Justis & McGhee)

  7. If I Had MY Way (Davis)

  8. Beyond the Other Side of the Sun (Ian & Hammond)

  9. From A Distance (Gold)

  10. After the Gold Rush (Young)

  11. I Hold Your Hand in Mine (Lehrer)

  12. Trying to Sing (Justis)

  13. Friends With You (Danoff & Nivert)








“Side by Side by Song”


  1. Marvelous Toy (Paxton)

  2. If I Needed You (Van Zandt)

  3. Bells of Rhymney (Davies/Seeger)

  4. Where Do I Go (Justis)

  5. Wild Montana Skies (Denver)

  6. Nobody's Fat in Aspen (Lavin)

  7. Small Blue Thing (Vega)

  8. Dreamland Medley (Denver/Bryant)

  9. Don't Look down (Danoff/James)

  10. One Time and One Time Only (Paxton)

  11. Potter's Wheel (Danoff)

  12. Death In Venice (Buskin/Bigham)

  13. Hard times Come Again No More (Foster)








“Best of Music Americana Showcases”
--No longer available--


  1. That's The Way It's Gonna Be (Gibson/Ochs)

  2. It's A Pleasure To Know You (Williams)

  3. Tradewinds (Denver)

  4. Branching Out (Gorka)

  5. Boy From the Country (Murphy)

  6. The Bells (Poe/Ochs)

  7. Urge for Going (Mitchell)

  8. Bottle Of Wine (Paxton)

  9. Bells of Rhymney (Davies/Seeger)

  10. Goodbye Again (Carpenter)

  11. Such Is Love (Yarrow)

  12. I Have You (Nelson)

  13. St. Judy's Comet (Simon)

  14. Potter's Wheel (Danoff)

  15. Small Blue Thing (Vega)

  16. Let's Get Together (Powers)








“A Little Yuleside Music”

(our Christmas CD)
--No longer available--


  1. Marvelous Toy (Paxton)

  2. Oh, Holy Night (Traditional)

  3. Christmastime in the City (Carpenter)

  4. The Christmas Song (Torme/Wells)

  5. The Christmas Song (Torme/Wells)
    The Peace Carol (Beers)

  6. Silent Night (Mohr/Gruber)

  7. A'Soalin' (Stookey/Batteast/Mezzetti)








“Side by Side… Live”


  1. Intro

  2. Tradewinds  (Denver)

  3. Boy From The Country (Murphy & Castleman)

  4. Pancho and Lefty (Van Zandt)

  5. Beyond the Other Side of the Sun (Ian/Hammond)

  6. The Song Remembers When (Prestwood)

  7. Walking Man (Smith)

  8. Runaway (Shannon and Crook

  9. Over The Rainbow (Arlen/Harburg

  10. Ready for the Storm (Maclean

  11. The Flower That Shattered the Stone (Henry/Jarvis)
    Ginny the Flying Girl (Ian)

  12. The Erlking (Gillette)

  13. Goodbye Again (Carpenter)

  14. Death in Venice (Buskin/Bigham)

  15. I Have You (Nelson)

  16. Unchained Meloday (North & Zaret)

  17. Dreamland Medley (Denver/Bryant)

  18. Small Blue Thing (Vega)

  19. One For The Road (Justis)


















featuring “Rainbow Bridge” &“Amazing Grace”

  1. Who To Turn To (Justis)

  2. Hold On To Me, Babe (Paxton)

  3. Where Do I Go? (Justis)

  4. Dream of Life (Justis)

  5. One for the Road (Justis)

  6. Not Too Much to Ask (Carpenter and Schlitz)

  7. Unchained Melody (with Sean McGhee) (North & Zaret)

  8. Amazing Grace (Newton, Traditional and Justis)

  9. Rainbow Bridge (with Sean McGhee) (Justis)












“Who to Turn to”

--No longer available--

with Dennis & Zach Diamond, *Greg Shupe & Kyd Brenner

  1. Gulf Coast Hightway

  2. When I Need You Most of All

  3. Who To Turn To

  4. River

  5. Lying to the Moon

  6. Goin' Gone

  7. Second Story Window

  8. Swans Against the Sun

  9. Trying to Sing

  10. Jubilee

  11. Lay Down Your Weary Tune



*Note: Doris is featured on Greg’s CD, “Midnight Train”




"Bright Paintings" 

album cover

Doris Justis and Pete Marinovich

  1. Dancing in the Dark
  2. Takes My Breath Away
  3. Goodbye Again
  4. Somewhere Over the Rainbow
  5. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away
  6. Ghost in this House
  7. Bright Paintings
  8. Fields of Gold
  9. The Golden Flower
  10. Time After Time
  11. Jubilee
  12. Da Vinci's Eyes

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